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concrete-finishing-edmontonEdmonton’s expert in concrete, Jimmy Gregory from Another Concrete & Contracting Company gives you some helpful tips and information about hiring a professional concrete contractor. With his extensive expertise in the industry, you can find out what questions you should be asking before hiring a concrete contractor, how to evaluate contractors, ideas for what kind of information to research before hiring and more. Keep reading to learn more about choosing an expert concrete contractor.

Hiring a Specialized Concrete Contractor

custom decorative concrete floorJimmy Gregory explains that some of the important things to consider when hiring a concrete contractor for your new floor, driveway, sidewalk or whatever concrete project you have. He advises the 4 main things to look for are:

  • Be mindful of a company that “wears too many hats” and that say they are the best at many different installations.
  • Make sure the contractor you are talking with is an expert in the type of work you want done. Ask to see past work done by their company
  • Ask about the company training program and how many years of experience they may have.
  • Ask the contractor if their staff are trained by the material suppliers that they use to install any specialty products you are considering to be used on your concrete floor, driveway, para ramp, and/or sidewalk. This is most important especially for colored concrete mixed, stains, acid etching, and concrete stamping.

Specialized Concrete Interior Floor Treatment.

colored concrete interior floor
colored concrete floor in Edmonton

Get Some References From The Concrete Contractors You Are Considering.

One of the most important things to consider when hiring a concrete contractor for your driveway, sidewalk, patio, or whatever you have Concrete sidewalk replace and repairplanned, is their reputation. Jimmy recommends looking into the following points before making a final decision:

  • Ask how many years has the contractor been in business in Edmonton?
    What is the contractor’s reputation in Edmonton or your specific community?
  • Ask the concrete contractor for a list of recent clients for references. Don’t rely on just the contractor’s sale pitch by itself.
  • Go online and find out if the contractor is a current member of your local Edmonton Better Business Bureau or chamber of commerce.
  • Visit some of the contractors finished projects to actually see the quality of the contractor’s concrete work.

Choosing the Right Edmonton Contractor – What’s Their Image

Does the concrete contractor you are thinking about doing business with exhibit a professional image? Here’s what you should be looking for, says Jimmy:

  • Great customer service. Does the contractor return your phone calls, look and act professionally and answers all your questions and concerns?
  • Do they offer you comprehensive contract terms and a warranty? Any well thought out contract will include a complete description of the services they are going to provide you, and should include everything from any surface preparation that is needed to the final finish.
  • What is their company repair policy? Will the contractor be willing to fix any mistakes if something does goes wrong?

You Are Paying for Quality When You Hire a Professional Concrete Contractor in Edmonton

You have just made your decision to install or replace your driveway, sidewalk, garage pad, decorative concrete flooring, or whatever your project is. What you new-cement-sidewalk-and-step-installnow need to do is to avoid getting caught up in the low-bidding trap when you choose your contractor. Jimmy offers you these key strategies to prevent heart ache down the road:

  • You should always get bids from at least 3 contractors.
  • Be skeptical of the lowest bid, chances are something was missed and you might be in for a big surprise price hike after the job is done. The best quality work requires a lot of skill, labor and in the case of decorative concrete floors, some artistic talent, which can all add to your final installation cost.
  • Keep in mind too, that you will always get what you pay for.
  • Finally, you should go with a contractor who is willing to show what they can do for you. A good example for decorative concrete floors or stamped and/or colored concrete, is putting together a job site sample of the proposed work. This will give you a good idea of the work to be performed.

If you need more information, or want to talk to the concrete expert Jimmy Gregory to ask questions about your concrete project, or simply to have Jimmy come to your location in Edmonton or the surrounding area for a Free estimate, you can reach him anytime during office hours at 780-975-7721.

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