Condo Concrete Work

Cimarron Chase Condo Sidewalk Replacement – 2015

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Mariner Square – Complete Concrete Re-design and Exterior Renovation- 2015.

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Mariner Square needed an expert concrete contractor from Edmonton for an exterior renovations project to bring their condo complex in line with updated building code safety and to improve the outward appearance of the property.

New c ment concrete sidewalks with curbs re-design.

From the pictures below, you will see our team of concrete and carpentry professionals perform a complete redesign of the condos existing concrete sidewalks and curbs. The old cement sidewalks and curbs were demoed and removed to Edmonton concrete recycling. New cement forms were installed by our own professional Alberta concrete cribbersWe also raised the new cement sidewalks elevation, and included a proper slope, to aid in positive water drainage away from the property foundations, which also helps prevent icing problems and liability claims.

Precast concrete steps replacement.

We demoed and removed the old existing concrete landings and steps, changed the entry/exit egress direction and installed new precast stairs with legal height stair risers and a proper sized landing area. This updates the egress to current safety code rules and eliminates any potential liability claims.

Our local pro concrete contractors salvaged the existing stair build-outs and then re-cycled/re-used them for the new precast step installation. Due to the re-design, foundation wall mounting holes where the old build outs were removed, and left open to the elements, were also repaired and finished to a weather tight seal.

To help keep the budget for the concrete replacement cost lower, we salvaged and re-cycled all the existing metal hand railing, and with small modifications, was then re-installed on the new precast steps.

Finally, a decorative concrete finish of “class 5” parging, a parging material specially designed to withstand our cold winters, was then applied to the new precast concrete stairs for added curb appeal.

Concrete water drainage system installation.

A positive water drainage system was formed up by our expert concrete and carpentry crew. Pouring new cement gutters for the swail ditches and drains to help take rainwater and melting snow away from the building, preventing water pooling and damage to the existing concrete foundations from flooding. A culvert pipe was also installed at the main entry common area, to provide for proper water drainage to the street and prevent the c ment sidewalks from icing up in the colder months.

Building exterior siding repair, re-installation and cleaning.

After demoing and removing the old existing cement steps, we were left with gaps in the exterior siding finish. Existing siding was removed for concrete landing work and then re-installed to fit around the new precast stair installations. All siding and new steps were then bonded and made water tight with silicone. Any remaining imperfections and repairs needed to the vinyl siding were also fixed to look better than new! Once the exterior renovations were completed, we power washed the entire work area to give it that “brand new” look.

Finishing up with new Landscaping.

Complete landscaping services are also offered by our expert Edmonton concrete and contracting service. Our professional landscape team works hard to uphold our company’s high quality standards and attention to details. On this Edmonton concrete project, new black dirt was brought in, leveled to proper grade and seeded with new grass seed. We then watered the new landscaping for 2 weeks until the new lawn grass was established.

Whether you have a small concrete repair job in Edmonton, need multiple cement driveways, sidewalks and pads in Sherwood Park, or you need completely new concrete retaining walls and steps in Saint Albert, we have you covered. We are Edmonton’s ONLY professional concrete contractors and exterior renovations company, ready to take on your property improvement project offering our high standards and great attention to detail.